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This episode of Abstract features a roundtable discussion with members of the Understanding Teacher Morale MERC study team. We talked about national trends in teacher morale, contributing factors, and recommendations for making sure that teachers are treated as professionals. We also shared stories from real teachers captured in the full report. Check out that report, and information about the study here.

Featured in this Episode

This episode featured five members of the Understanding Teacher Morale MERC study team:

  • Autumn Nabors, Assistant Director of Curriculum and Instruction, Chesterfield County Schools
  • Deborah Gilfillan, Teacher at Pocahontas Middle School, Henrico County Public Schools
  • Rodney Robinson, Virginia Binford Educational Center, Richmond Juvenile Detention Facility
  • Jesse Senechal, Director, Metropolitan Educational Research Consortium
  • David Naff, Host of Abstract and PhD Student, Educational Psychology at VCU

*Introduction by Tami Sober, Graduate Research Assistant, Virginia Commonwealth University


If you are like a lot of teachers we know, you are probably pretty busy and may not have the time to listen to this entire episode of Abstract. Don’t you worry. We have broken it down into chapters for you to jump straight to the part that interests you the most!

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Tami Sober reflection on data collection

Chapter 3: Introducing the study team

Chapter 4: Study background

Chapter 5: Why does teacher morale matter?

Chapter 6: Definitions

Chapter 7: How did we conduct this study?

Chapter 8: What did we learn about teacher morale?

Chapter 9: Teacher profiles

Chapter 10: Closing thoughts

Listen to profiles of teachers featured in the report here!