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Who Takes Dual Enrollment Classes? A Research Brief

March 31, 2022 |

The cover of the MERC research brief on Dual Enrollment Classes

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This research brief from the MERC Equitable Access and Support for Advanced Coursework study explores three questions: 1) What are Dual Enrollment classes? 2) Who takes Dual Enrollment classes? and 3) What strategies promote greater access to Dual Enrollment? An accompanying podcast episode is linked in the research brief.

Listen to the podcast episode

Abstract · Who Takes Dual Enrollment Classes?

This episode pulled together experts from throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia for a discussion about who takes dual enrollment classes in high school. Guests include: Lori Dwyer (Interim Vice President of Academic Affairs at Reynolds Community College), Jenna Lenhardt (Recruitment Specialist for the VCU School of Education), David Naff (MERC Associate Director), Patricia Parker (Director of Transfer Virginia for SCHEV and VCCS), Taylor Reahard (Dual Enrollment Instructor at Goochland High School in Goochland County Public Schools), Allen Riddle (Director of Dual Enrollment at Reynolds Community College), and Addisyn Winston - 12th grade student at Goochland High School in Goochland County Public Schools).