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This episode of Abstract features a re-broadcast of an event sponsored by the Committee for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the School of Education at Virginia Commonwealth University. The event focused on racial disproportionality in school discipline, with a specific focus on disrupting the school to prison pipeline. It featured educators, artists, and researchers from the Richmond community who came together to discuss this issue. Check out more about the Achieving Racial Equity in Disciplinary Policies and Practices MERC study here.

Featured in this Episode

This episode featured a variety of perspectives from people invested in disrupting the school to prison pipeline through research, art, and advocacy.


Kiara Lee, PhD student, VCU School of Education

Zenobia Bey, Spoken word poet and local youth advocate

Genevieve Siegel-Hawley, Assistant Professor of Educational Leadership, VCU

Bill Muth, Associate Professor of Teaching and Learning, VCU

Gina Lyles, Program Coordinator, Art180 Youth Self-Advocacy Through Art Program

Rachael Deane, Staff Attorney, JustChildren Program at the Legal Aid Justice Center

David Naff, Host of Abstract and PhD Student, Educational Psychology at VCU


Jerrod Hines, Marketing student, VCU

Derrick Rogers, Local Author

Trey Volley, Local Educator


Only have a few minutes to check out the event? Click on one of the chapters below to jump straight to the part that interests you the most!

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Kiara Lee spoken word

Chapter 3: Zenobia Bey spoken word

Chapter 4: Genevieve Siegel-Hawley MERC study discussion

Chapter 5: Bill Muth discussion of research with incarcerated parents

Chapter 6: Gina Lyles and Rachael Deane featuring youth from Art180

Chapter 7: Interview with Jaraad Hines

Chapter 8: Interview with Derek Rogers

Chapter 9: Interview with Trey Volley

Chapter 10: Closing Thoughts

Check out Episode 1 of Abstract, which featured a roundtable discussion from members of the Achieving Racial Equity in Disciplinary Policies and Procedures study team!