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The Landscape of Advanced Coursework Participation: Understanding Disparities and Intersectionality

November 10, 2023 |

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This population-based study explored students' participation in advanced coursework in elementary schools (gifted/talented programs), middle schools (Algebra I+), and high schools (Advanced Placement) to address enrollment equity. The study identified demographic disparities and the intersectionality of multiple identities to achieve two research aims: 1) to explore how advanced course-taking varies by student demographics, and 2) to understand how disparities in advanced course-taking vary by student demographics and intersectional identities. The findings indicate that disparities in advanced course-taking are related to students’ race, ethnicity, disability status, English learner (EL) status, socioeconomic status, as well as the intersection of these variables. The report includes implications for policies and practices that consider complex school system variables that affect advanced course enrollment. This report is part of the Equitable Access and Support for Advanced Coursework (EASAC) study by the Metropolitan Educational Research Consortium. Interpretations of findings as well as implications and recommendations have been drafted in partnership with PK-12 leaders and educators. Click on the image above to access the report.

To access an interactive version of the data in this report, including additional details about demographic comparisons for each academic year, please see our MERC data dashboard that accompanies this report.