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Will They Stay or Will They Go? Analysis of the 2019 VDOE Working Conditions Survey

August 9, 2021 |

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This report is part of the MERC Teacher Retention study. This study was designed to identify patterns of teacher retention in the MERC region and to determine the school and system-level factors driving them. The study also provides an overview of state and regional policies and programs relevant to teacher retention, and includes evaluations of existing policies and initiatives to determine efficacy and cost benefit. Teacher shortages continue to be a problem in the United States. While a range of policy solutions have attempted to stem the loss of teachers, at the base of many of these efforts is the concept of teacher working conditions, that is the workplace elements related to a teacher’s ability to do their job. Working conditions have been associated with job satisfaction and retention. This report presents the findings from an analysis of the 2019 Virginia Department of Education Working Conditions Survey. The analysis considered the various factors that influence teacher working conditions and whether these working conditions predict a teacher’s intent to stay or leave their current school.